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From the land of the midnight sun, one thousand lakes and Santa Clause, we at SISUGLASS want to represent Finnish elegance, quality and simplicity through our products. We are called SISUGLASS for a reason. “Sisu” is a an old Finnish word passed down through the ages, which means bravery, perseverance, hardiness and resilience. Going against the odds, no matter what.

We at SISUGLASS stand by this way of thinking and wish to instill it in all our products. Thus, we combine Finnish “sisu” with Japanese exceptional craftsmanship and accuracy to make each product perfect. Time to give your mobile device some sisu!

Designed in Finland, SISUGLASS is a premium tempered glass screen protector for your mobile device. Made in Japan from high quality AGC – Japanese Asahi Glass, our protectors offer a scratch resistance of 9H and above making it as tough as diamond.

SISUGLASS has an antibacterial and oleophobic coating, that helps keep the screen free from smudges and fingerprints while providing maximum HD clarity, accuracy and true touch sensitivity on your mobile device. SISUGLASS is easy to install and remove, leaving no bubbles or residue.

Consistent with our high standards, SISUGLASS is a 0.3 mm thick hard coat layered glass sheet that is perfectly laser cut with round edges which can withstand any external force. It can safeguard your mobile device’s screen from scratches due to keys, knives or any other sharp object.